David Galasse - Graphic Design & Art Direction

David Galasse – Graphic Design & Art Direction

David Galasse – Graphic Design & Art Direction
Liberta is a Brazilian NGO that fights human trafficking and slavery. According to its founders Aaron Cohen and Fabiola Castro, this is an issue ignored by the vast majority of Brazilians, despite the fact that Brazil is part of the international human trafficking route.

Liberta’s identity was created considering the organization’s need to be associated to seriousness and responsibility and that every opportunity to spread their message should be seized. A yellow-black color scheme and a rational typeface (Antenna, by Font Bureau) provide the necessary formality. Each piece of stationery displays on its back relevant facts such as “60 million people today live in conditions of slavery” or “Every 60 seconds a young woman is trafficked for sexual exploitation.” / Credits: Muhammad Umm (assistant designer), Mateus Souza (code).

Possível is a small business focused on media consultancy that stands out for its tailored services and close connections with each client – like a traditional boutique. These were the aspects considered to create its visual identity. When Cacau Villas Boas (Possivel’s owner) revealed to me her passion for the typewriter Olivetti Lettera 22, I thought I had a good starting point. Using Olivetti’s typeface would reconnect people to a classic icon and suggest that Possivel’s work is to help write their client’s stories.

I picked the letters P-O-S-I-V-E-L from the keyboard and formed a diagram as if they were dots to be connected. For the logo, I used the Typewriter typeface from A2-TYPE, which is the digital version of the original Lettera 22. To give the stationery a handcrafted look, I worked with stamps and printed business cards in a Heidelberg Winmill at Estúdio Carimbo. slot88

Cinemagia is a traditional company in São Paulo that promotes free culture activities throughout the city. When they extended focus area to dance, visual arts, theater, literature and music, I was commissioned to redesign the new brand and stationery.

The goal was to represent graphically the ideas of gratuity and diversity. The brand was designed as a prism reflecting the colors of the sunlight, which represents culture itself. / Credits: Colirio (Motion Design), Sonoplastico (Sound Design).

MUK is a cultural production office, owned by Daniel Gaggini. In Portuguese “muque” is a slang for muscle, so MUK sounded the perfect name for this business. In Brazil, whoever willing to work with art must have great courage.

The visual identity came from the idea that in a certain way, films and theater plays glow in the dark. Merging the ideas of strength and glow, I created a card with photosensitive ink on rustic cardboard.

SESC+6*Cine Favela
Cine Favela Film Festival was created in Heliopolis favela, the biggest in the city of São Paulo. The sixth edition of the Festival was supported by SESC-SP and SP-Metro, and took place in several exhibition rooms in São Paulo including some neighborhoods in the outskirts of Sao Paulo. I suggested pixação (São Paulo wild tags) as the theme of this edition for its importance as an authentic expression of the periphery.

The creation of the logo comprised three steps: research, curation and adaptation of the pixos created by various taggers and found in Heliopolis, Cidade Tiradentes and Paraisópolis (where the festival would take place). Once selected, all characters were combined to celebrate the union between the three communities. On the opening day, the street artist Djan ‘Cripta’ Ivson performed an intervention at Cine Favela’s headquarters in Heliópolis. / Credits: Muhammad Umm (assistant designer)

Ana is a monologue about Anne Boleyn after her decapitation. A table is the only object of the scenario, where Ana’s soul unfolds significant episodes of her life, moving from a lucid to a psychotic state and thus unveiling her inner conflicts.

To represent the general argument of the play, I used a regular typeface, Arial, distorted in many ways, and created an illustration that express the relationship of the two Anas. / Credits: Alex Valdarnini (photos)

SESC+5*Cine Favela
In 2001, the space of a tiny bar in the favela of Heliopolis, São Paulo, was transformed into a movie theater – Cine Favela. Years passed and Cine Favela started to promote a Short Film Festival. In 2010, producer Daniel Gaggini invited me to create a visual identity for the 5th Festival, which was sponsored by Petrobras and SESC-SP. More than 200 films – national and international – were sent. 3,000 people attended the event.

The idea was to redesign Cine Favela’s identity, and take the opportunity to promote the Festival in the mainstream media, putting it on the cultural agenda of Sao Paulo. That is why the two brands are a natural variation of a single design.

Brastemp is one of the major manufacturers of house appliances in Brazil. In 2009 they approached Grafikonstruct to create a website of a new Premium line, Gourmand. My role was to set the main color scheme, look & feel and iconography.

Supersio is the nickname of Persio Guerreiro, Brazilian animator and motion designer. He invited me to create his new identity, based on his well-known “fish” animation. The solution came from my studies on the visual relations between the Brazilian concrete poetry movement and frame-to-frame animation.

Tick Tack
Tick-Tack is a vlog focused on technology and new business. Formerly a podcast, the program seeks to reach young audiences with interviews and innovative products. To create the visual identity and the vignettes of the program, I designed a custom typeface. / Credits: Rafael Morinaga (motion design), Sonoplastico (sound design).

Borghierh/LOWE is the Brazilian subsidiary of the advertising group LOWE. In 2009, as an effort to escalate the ranking of the Brazilian agencies, a large campaign was put into action. Grafikonstruct was hired to create a different and creative website.

“LOWE from A to Z” concept was adopted by Rodrigo Teco – creative director of Grafikonstruct. I designed a very clean and intuitive website where the whole content is displayed alphabetically. It gained international attention and received an award for best website advertising agency in Brazil. That year Borghierh/LOWE reached their goal and climbed several positions, from 14th to 3rd place in the ranking (Ibope Monitor).

Dora is a typeface that combines gothic and stencil.

Maria Bonita Extra
One of the major fashion brands in Brazil, Maria Bonita Extra is romantic, feminine and independent. I was commissioned to design a series of patterns for the Winter 2009 collection, which had Vietnam as central theme.

Website for Brazilian subsidiary of Moët & Chandon. / Credits: Grafikonstruct (creative direction), Alexandre Melo (photos), Lucca Fortino (code).